LOGO RC – Rates and conditions management
its best.

With the additional module „rates and condition management system (LOGO RC)”, you can comfortably manage your freight rates and costs in connection with ocean freight.
The integration of the components in a heterogeneous IT scenery is important and particularly necessary in logistics. Sales, financial accounting, customer service, marketing, staff and controlling will profit.

LOGO RC offers:

Administering of shopping and sales rates, upload new conditions, historical filing of invalid rates, access to price portals.
Price search for relation and time, rate choice for shipping carts, construction of offer integration with CRM, workflow without breaks.


Ocean freight rates are constantly changing
Depending on Carrier or Portal the price tables have different structures.

LOGO RC enables you to generate and manage a rate database from different sources.
This database allows you to check your rates for different sea freight offers from different carriers.
You can not only manage the pure freight rates but also additional fees like container return, handling fees, pre carriages and casters, surcharges etc.


LOGO RC offers following features:

  • Dynamic import:
    • You can determine yourself when, what, how and in which table an import is made.
  • Fixed import:
    • You can determine yourself when, what and how data is imported to a fixed table.
  • ntegrated currency calculator:
    • You can always see the exact price in euro or any other currency.
  • Multi edit:
    • You can alter several pieces of data in one process
  • Dynamic table:
    • You can create your own tables/cathegories in LOGO RC, which can then be filled by the dynamic import or you fill them yourself
  • EOS configuration:
    • You can limit rights for users and user groups and release.
  • etc …




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