LOGO consult – Your expert for logistics data!

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That is why LOGO the best choice when it comes to logistics BI!

  • Understanding logistics data: LOGO has already tapped many data sources
  • Understanding Logsitik processes: LOGO understands and optimises processes
  • Safety at every level
  • Strong partners
  • BI for everyone: intuitive and effective
  • BI as a self-service solution

With LOGO DATA let information from a wide variety of data sources flow into your very own “data lake”.

Whether from own databases such as Operational System, Accounting, Track&Trace or from the Internet – Define your data model and LOGO DATA prepares everything for you. Weather data, data on political upheavals or environmental disasters, event information, holiday calendars, public holidays in other countries … all of this influences logistics planning.

In LOGO DATA all the information flows together and with LOGO’s reporting tools you can evaluate everything effortlessly.

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LOGO PI – The perfect evaluation tool for logistics data!

LOGO PI is a reporting tool with which uncomplicated and transparent evaluations can be made from databases and the results visualised.

Data cubes that only a data analyst can create were yesterday. LOGO PI is today.

  • No special knowledge about the structure of the database necessary
  • Intuitively compile evaluations yourself
  • Tables, graphics, map views
  • Share reports with teams and colleagues
  • Create your own dashboards
  • Graphical drilldown on the basis of the calculation data
  • Intuitive filter options within the PI reports
  • Preconfigured logistics-specific groupings and calculation types

LOGO PI enables the representation  and evaluation of large amounts of data in a manageable and flexible way.

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