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LOGO CRM at Emons

At this year’s Logistics CRM Summit at Lake Starnberg spoke Herr Gunnar Stellmacher, Head of IT at Emons Spedition & Logistik about LOGO CRM at Emons – Optimised integration and processes.

Gunnar Stellmacher, Head of IT Emons Spedition and Logistics

LOGO CRM has been used at Emons since 2007 for process optimisation and sales control.

1000 users at Emons work with LOGO, which is called CIS at Emons. This brand name is familiar to many logisticians from the past CIS or CIS was the name of LOGO’s CRM from 1993 to 2010. Short for CustomerInformationSystem. The term CRM only spread gradually.
At Emons, LOGO is currently integrated into the IT landscape with 6 interfaces. This year, together with the TMS manufacturer Datis, we will launch an even better integration with a bidirectional API interface to Euromistral. Then data from LOGO can also be transferred to the operative via interface and no longer only as Excel or PDF as it is done today.

The fact that Mr Stellmacher presented these processes to the professional audience at Schloss Höhenried is a great honour for LOGO consult and shows the bond between customer and service provider.

LOGO Logistics CRM Summit 2019

Emons: From family business to important player in the European market

Mr Stellmacher’s presentation began by showing the impressive development of Emons and how the logistics company has evolved from a family business run by two brothers into an important player in the European market.

Emons has been working with LOGO CRM for 12 years and is firmly integrated in all processes. The good integration of LOGO CRM into Emons’ IT landscape is remarkable. 6 different systems such as TMS, ERP, claims system, accounting were connected via interfaces. This means that employees and managers can read all relevant information on the customers they look after in the customer files without having to look in different systems or ask colleagues.

The Emons CRM team has set itself the goal of avoiding as many human errors as possible through good technology and supporting staff in standard processes.

A few examples were given in this regard.

A particularly impressive further development that Emons and LOGO have worked out together concerns the storage of all information on conditions and tariffs. In many companies, conditions are negotiated by the sales department with the customer, but communication on operations and billing is not optimal and so it happens time and again that an invoice is not issued at the negotiated conditions. This makes the customer unhappy and causes additional work in all departments, because first of all the billing department has to find out whether the customer’s complaint was justified and then the invoice has to be corrected.

Optimised processes prevent services from being billed at outdated rates.

Another typical problem is that services are billed according to outdated (too cheap) conditions or tariffs.

Both should be prevented through optimised processes and workflows.

Thus, the sales department enters the conditions in a standardised form in a mask in the LOGO customer file. After saving or changing, the data is sent to the filing team, with changes highlighted in colour. The filing team enters the conditions in the TMS. There is always only one valid condition in the customer file. The conditions of all customers can be evaluated via an Excel list.

To prevent conditions from being stored as valid in the TMS for too long, additional workflows have been built in here to alert the sales department in good time to the expiry or imminent deletion of an offer. E-mails automatically triggered by LOGO ensure smooth communication. Standardised file formats for the tariffs enable uploading in the TMS without manual entry.

Optimised integration means fewer sources of error and relief for staff in the billing team.

Currently, LOGO and Emons are working on transferring the conditions to the TMS via an interface, so that the manual work of transferring is eliminated and further sources of error are eliminated.

Billings that exactly reflect the conditions negotiated by the customer and the sales department lead to high customer satisfaction.

Improved communication between operations, sales and billing means that invoicing runs smoothly and the customer is satisfied because the invoices reflect the terms negotiated. So this kind of customer-centric action also brings benefits in the “customer experience”.

Would you like to learn how your company can also benefit from integrating the processes between sales, operations and billing? Talk to one of the experienced LOGO consultants and see what LOGO CRM can do for your company in an individual live webinar. Secure your appointment for the LOGO webinar here

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