is THE software for sales, marketing and services when it comes to logistics CRM:

Powerful functions

Standard interfaces to leading TMS systems
Flexible, adaptable and simple
Configured from the ground up for logistics
Quick and easy integration into your IT landscape
Logistik CRM Made & Gastgeber in Deutschland

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LOGO CRM – adapts ideally to your needs – choose from four editions, the one that suits you:

BASIS – Power for small teams!

Just get started: Enter addresses with map view, contact management and contact history, task management and appointment management, send and receive e-mails. All information in a clearly arranged customer database. Appointment management in the team and with your customer in a shared team calendar. Finally order in your documents!

Features overview

SALES FORCE – Overview and collaboration in the office and on the road

All information about your customers is immediately available in a clear customer database including potential management, project management, customer relations, sales reports and individual statistics. Perfect networking of office and field service through shared calendars, meeting reports, notes and documents. In addition, there is the configuration & admin tool and a complex authorisation concept. For tablet and PC with our mobile version.

Features overview

BUSINESS – Professional sales perfectly organised

Central address and document management, comprehensive customer database, integration of CRM into the IT landscape, integration of consignment data, ABC analysis (customer structure analysis, customer potential analysis, competition analysis, consignment analysis), evaluations (offers (including daily offers), expense reports, predefined forms), mailings, various global interfaces.

Features overview

ENTERPRISE – Teamwork Global: Central Sales Management and Analytical CRM

Sales controlling and forecasting, individual mapping of the sales organisation and sales processes, seamless integration into existing systems and internationality (multiple languages, currencies, formats and standards), alarm function as a warning system in case of changes in the customer’s delivery behaviour, central task management, marketing management, campaign management, global key account management and potential analysis, global corporate hierarchy with unlimited levels. In addition, you can manage extensive tenders, work together on documents in the tender team and have task management for tenders.

Features overview




ComponentsCRM BasicSales ForceBusinessEnterprise
Web application
Structured customer file
Adresses with map view
Emails incoming and outgoing
Shared calendars
Team-wide time management
Task lists
Follow Up System
Weekly visit planning
Contact management
Contact history
Mobile version
Search engine
Document contact report
Quotes (including Spot quotes)
Gift management
Routing Orders inbound and outbound
Sales Leads inbound and outbound
Expenses management
Predefined forms on all corporate levels
Autofilled text modules
Opportunity management
Project management
Loading points and destinations per customer
Easy to Use sales reports
Individual statistics on field level
User cockpit
Managing partners and agents
Shipper/ Consignee management
Configuration and Admin tool
Highly sophisticated authorisation and access control
Marketing campaigns
Mass emails
Conditions and rates
Customer structural analysis
Customer potential analysis
Competitor analysis
13 month performance roller
Sales controlling
Shipment analysis
Customer classification and segmentation
Analytic CRM and sales data warehouse
Duplicate Check
Multitenant capability
Prepared for standard interface to the most popular transport management systems (air, sea and road traffics)
Prepared for standard interface to common warehousing systems
Prepared for standard interface claims and damages
Prepared for standard interface accounting
Prepared for lead conversion
Automated warnings on change of customer behaviour and shipment activity
XML interface
Campaign management
Global Key account management
Global enterprise hierarchy on multiple unlimited levels
Global enterprise structure of the customers, DUNS comparison and reporting
Global project management
Global tender management comparison and reporting
Monitoring of customer credit limit and payment status
Enterprise hierarchy on unlimited levels
Enterprise structures of your customers
Enterprise tree structure of your company
International compatibility (multiple languages, currencies, formats and measures)
Connection to active directory

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  • For small teams and start ups
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  • from €89 per month
  • The global solution for the logistics group
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