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Changing relationships – changing demands on CRM

Everyone has experienced how relationships change in the past year. In the private sphere, depending on our living situation, we have moved much closer together or far away from each other.  In the business sphere, we have developed completely new cooperation structures with our colleagues in order to continue to work efficiently in decentralised teams. […]

LOGO Annual Review 2020

LOGO Annual Review 2020 Logistics CRM for professionals: Year in review 2020 At the beginning of 2020, hardly anyone would have thought that this year would present us with such challenges – both professionally and privately. Although visits were hardly possible this year, we still kept in touch with our clients – albeit in new […]

Christoffel Blind Mission – Donate too!

The Christoffel Mission for the Blind introduces itself The Christoffel Mission for the Blind (CBM) is an international development organisation for people with disabilities. It is named after Ernst Jakob Christoffel, who travelled to the Orient in 1908 to help blind and otherwise disabled people. CBM’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty and […]

We are partners of BLOOD TRANSPORTED!

LOGO now also supports @bluttransportiert! 💪 As an association of companies from the logistics sector, we pursue a common goal: to combat diseases of the haematopoietic system and to help people. We are already very much looking forward to working with the Initiative @bluttransportiert and on saving people’s lives! Background: Every year in Germany, several thousand people, […]

The CRM Challenge Data Quality: Logistics Data

LOGO CRM für jede Art von Logistik

Logistics CRM differs from other CRM tools in that it reflects the data structure of logistics data. In this part of our series, the CRM Challenge Data Quality, we will look at how to successfully integrate the many different data from a company into the CRM. CRM as a central information system for management, customer […]

The CRM Challenge: CRM software custom made for logistics companies

CRM custom made for Logistics

Customer-centric action – that is what is expected of every company today: the customer’s need, the “true customer wish” should be at the centre of the company’s activities.As a software provider we, too, focus on our customers’ needs. So how do we create CRM software custom made for logistics? With CRM software custom made for […]

The CRM Challenge Data Quality: Address Data

The CRM Challenge Data Quality: Part 1 Address Data A real challenge when starting a CRM project: the data from different sources and the data quality. I have been advising companies on the introduction of logistics CRM for almost 10 years. And I have been struggling with the quality of their data together with our […]

People at the centre! Customer experience in logistics

The customer and his needs at the centre of everything we do – is this really a reality in logistics? 2020 is the year of the customer experience (CX). And in addition to ROI, ROX (Return on Experience) is increasingly becoming the focus of management. It is said that we are living in the age […]

The LOGO CRM Check: See how you can benefit from LOGO CRM!

Kostenfreier LOGO CRM Check

The LOGO CRM Check shows you concretely how you, your company, your sales team and ultimately your customers can benefit from LOGO CRM. Free of charge and without obligation. Arrange your individual consultation appointment here. Most managers and entrepreneurs know that a company of a certain size and complexity needs a CRM. Benefit from our […]