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Dorothee Gabor - Vorstand Business Development

LOGO Annual Review 2020

LOGO Annual Review 2020

Logistics CRM for professionals: Year in review 2020

At the beginning of 2020, hardly anyone would have thought that this year would present us with such challenges – both professionally and privately.
Although visits were hardly possible this year, we still kept in touch with our clients – albeit in new ways.
The new way of communicating actually allowed us to keep more appointments than last year. We carried out numerous project implementations and trainings virtually. And we were also able to expand our partner network. Especially important for you: above all, we were able to further develop our software.

We would like to take you on our time travel through the year 2020 and show you what exactly happened for us in 2020 and how LOGO has developed as a logistics CRM for professionals.

Hier gehts zum Jahresrückblick_LOGO_2020

LOGO quite personal


Our LOGO user community is growing from month to month.

We would like to welcome our new members.

We are excited to see what new modules / projects we will realise in the future, which will certainly benefit the entire community again.


In addition to the expansion of our community, our partner network is also growing steadily.

We are sure that this expansion will also benefit you. Whether it is the realisation of cost-effective standard interfaces, the development of a logistics-specific BI, etc., we can help.


Even though no face-to-face meetings were possible this year, we were very pleased to have “seen” many of you at our virtual meetings.


LOGO is logistics CRM for professionals: Through our membership in the BVL and VNL we can share our experience and know-how in various publications and blogs.

You will find numerous publications on our new website and our social media channels.

So – take a look:

LOGO Software Highlights

As a logistics CRM for professionals, LOGO CRM contains everything that logistics professionals expect from their CRM. In 2020, many power functions were added:

Logistics reporting with LOGO PI:

Logistics BI with LOGO DATA:

  • Your special “data lake”: We integrate your data from the most diverse data sources
  • Data preparation and processing
  • Intuitive queries of individual KPIs
  • Data visualisation with drilldown
  • Bundling of different data sources


  • Visualisation of individual KPIs at each level: client, management, sales, tradelane, etc.
  • Graphs with drilldown for data source analysis

Hunting / Farming Modul

  • We support your new customer acquisition with the LOGO DealMaker: Identification and clear presentation of show stoppers and opportunities.
  • And the LOGO DealMaker is also a clear tool for expanding your existing customers.

Forecast App

  • Now you can compare target and actual values in the Forecast app.
  • Forecast data for various KPIs are uploaded to LOGO once for the whole year. Filters and search functions complete the module.

Camp App

In addition to consignment data, warehouse data can now also be processed and visualised in LOGO.  The warehouse app is also available in the customer files.

So: we are already looking forward to the input from the LOGO user community for further modules and functions. With our new development tools, we can implement your requirements quickly and agilely!

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